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Get ready to level up your Instagram game with the newest updates!

Recently, Instagram has brought the fun with new location sticker options that let you get creative, slick updates to your DMs for smoother chatting, and a sprinkle of Meta AI magic in your searches. Dive into these playful new features and see how they spiced up your Insta experience!



Location Stickers

There are now more options for your location sticker! In addition to the traditional uppercase styles, you can now choose from a variety of lowercase options in a brand-new font. This new feature allows for greater customization and personalization. Plus, you can use your color dropper tool to match the exact shade you want for the text, ensuring your location sticker perfectly complements your design.

New Layout

A new look to the Instagram

Story Stickers! Kick off music trends, create your own custom stickers from your photos or videos, post a secret story and more.



Edit Messages

Whether it’s a typo or something just doesn’t sound right, you can now edit messages up to 15 minutes after sending. To make a change, press and hold on the sent message, then choose “edit” from the dropdown menu.

Pin Conversations

For chats you have with your best friends or family, or simply ones you want at the top of your inbox, soon you’ll be able to pin up to three group or 1:1 chats for easy access.

To move a chat to the top of your inbox, swipe left or tap and hold on the chat, then tap “pin”. You can choose to unpin a thread at any time.



Instagram has rolled out a fun new update, bringing Meta AI right into your search bar! This smart assistant makes finding content, accounts, and trends a breeze with its super-intuitive and personalized search results. And the best part? You can kick off a chat with Meta AI in the search bar and seamlessly continue the conversation in your DMs. It's like having a helpful friend who knows all the coolest spots and tips, right at your fingertips!

This update is all about making your Instagram experience more engaging and enjoyable.


As Instagram evolves, we can anticipate even more innovative features to come, ensuring that our social media experience remains dynamic and engaging. Make sure to sign up for our newsletter to stay in-the-know with all the newest Instagram updates!


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