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How to Avoid the Comparison Trap!

Do you sometimes feel like you are your own bottleneck?

Congratulations, you’re a business owner!

The phrase “you are your own worst enemy” must’ve been written by a struggling creative.

In this post, we will break down WHY this feeling is so common, & WHAT you can do to get back into flow.

In this age of seeing what everyone else is doing on their social media, it’s so easy to step right into a quicksand hole of comparing yourself to others. Getting bogged down in the fray is inevitable when it comes to creating social media content. The pressure to get it right; and boost engagement feels never-ending. Need to break out of the rut & get your creative mojo back, like, yesterday?

Take these 3 steps today!

1. Make a list of things you’ve done.

When the seeds of doubt creep in, remind yourself of your own experience for a few minutes! Take a 360 view of your accomplishments in the last 12 months while reminding you that you DID the damn thing & get you back on track in no time.

2. Don’t be afraid to hit mute.

Ahh the glorious mute button! Know her, befriend her. Sometimes, the noise of social media can easily drown out your inner voice & aint nobody got time for that!

3. Savor the wins.

When you’re always striving for the next thing, it can be easy to blow right past your day-to-day successes but, this is like getting in the fast lane and heading straight towards burnout! Finally land that big client? Celebrate your successes to fuel the next ones!

Need more help getting out of your own way?

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