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LinkedIn Lunch & Learn at Kiln !!

Thank You to everyone who showed up to my Lunch & Learn at Kiln earlier this month. I'm so excited you all wanted to learn more about Leveraging your LinkedIn!

We had a packed class and so many amazing questions. LinkedIn is such a powerful tool and I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

Here's some feedback from a few attendees 🤩

"Hi Caitlin, Thank you for hosting this lunch and learn about LinkedIn. That was really helpful and I learned quite a bit."

"It was one of the most helpful sessions I've been to in a while. I wrote down several take aways and implemented as soon as I got home!"

"Great job today...the information is very helpful. Looking to focus more with LinkedIn."

"Hi Cait, It was so great hearing your talk today on LinkedIn! I found it so helpful and will definitely be implementing your tips. Hope you have a fantastic weekend."

"Caitlin!!! Thanks so much for the refresher and new info on using #LinkedIn. I highly recommend people work with you and with Get Social With Cait. And thanks to Kiln for partnering to bring this presentation to the #Boise community!"

Check out this document of material from the Lunch & Learn!

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