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Canva has been a game-changer for designers and non-designers alike, providing an accessible, user-friendly platform for creating stunning graphics. With over 125 million users, Canva has become a household name in the design world. To keep up with the ever-evolving landscape of design, Canva has launched seven highly anticipated features.


The first feature, Layers, allows users to edit designs with ease. This tool lets users adjust elements without affecting other parts of their design, making it easier to work with complex designs. Layers gives users a simple, birds-eye view of their elements, allowing them to see whether they're locked, grouped, or set as a background image without having to click on them individually.


Another exciting feature is the addition of Gradients. This tool allows users to add gradients to any background, shape, table cell, or frame, making it easy to add a splash of varied color to their designs. Choose from a range of linear and radial styles, or create a custom gradient of your own.


Canva has always been committed to accessibility, and the addition of alt text for media, images, and elements ensures that designs are accessible to everyone. This feature provides extra context for those with visual impairment or accessibility needs. Assistive technologies and search engines can identify this text, allowing them to automatically read it aloud or crawl and rank your website.


Layout Guides give users more control over the layout of their designs, making it easier to maintain brand consistency. Choose from pre-sets or create custom guides to match your brand's precise visual design. These features are critical for designers who need more control over their work.


If precise positioning is essential, the Position tools are a must-have. These tools allow users to customize positioning, alignment, spacing, and sizing with ease. Select one or several elements, then open the new Position panel where you can customize everything from one place.


Canva is partnering with Monotype, one of the world's premier font foundries, to add 953 of the world's most popular and well-known Latin and 191 non-Latin fonts to their content offering. This includes fonts such as Arial, Avenier, Courier, Helvetica, and Times New Roman, as well as highly sought-after design fonts.


Finally, Canva has made improvements to Design Imports, allowing users to import files and seamlessly convert them into editable Canva designs. The Design Imports feature is now within the editor itself, making it easier, faster, and more precise than ever.

Read more about all of these updates here.

We've got some pretty exciting news as well, we're teaching a class on ALL this in May! Attend our Canva class in May to be introduced to the changes and learn how these updates can specifically help small business owners:


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