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4 Types of Posts to Grow Your Personal Brand

People work with who they know, like and trust. Humanize your brand with appropriate personal content.

1. Brand Story - Intro

Let people know the story behind your business. When you started, what made you decided to choose you niche, your educational background, what your values are, and your career goals.

2. Lifestyle Posts

People want to know the person behind the brand. Write out a client avatar to help determine what your ideal client’s hobbies and interests are.

3. Open-Ended Questions

To increase your level of engagement, add an open-ended question into your caption. Make it easy for your audience to share what their struggles are, their thoughts on a trendy topic, or simply how their day is going.

4. Behind-The-Scenes

There’s something really interesting about being able to see how business owners do what they do. Show your audience what you’re working on or give them a breakdown of how your produce your goods and services.

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