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3 Tools to Improve Your Videos, Reels + TikTok's!

1. Good Lighting.

If you've got natural light, use it! But if you're like most, having a nice set up with great lighting isn't always available. Ring lights cast an even light which reduces shadows in the face and minimizes blemishes, while illuminating the eyes! You have options and they wont break the bank:

2. Stability.

No on likes a shaky video! Tripods provide you with the stability you need to capture clean, crisp shots. You can get them with or without a ring light along with a travel size to make filming anywhere that much easier!

3. Great Sound.

A video with distracting sounds can make you loose your audience! Along with that, iPhones are meant to pickup all surrounding sounds, having a mic will make your voice clear and prevent backgrounds noises.

(If you need more tools to help you with filming or books to help with ideas, click here.)

Still Find Video to be Overwhelming?

We have some great options to help you implement more videos into your marketing strategy!

  • You can register for one of our Instagram Reels Workshops, utilize our tools, and leave with up to THREE IG Reels ready-to-post.

  • Or you can utilize our in-house Videographer to film and edit professional video FOR YOU! Click here to learn more.


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